Monday, April 16, 2012

GLFW tutorial 1:Introduction to OpenGL Framework

Welcome to I have created this tutorial for 3D programming in OpenGL for beginners. OpenGL has wide range of use some of them is Gamming ,simulation, virtual prototyping. This tutorial provide only basic knowledge of OpenGL in brief with full source code and complete explanation so, that you can move quickly to advanced OpenGL programming. All tutorials is written in c++ so that you must know the basic c++ to understand this tutorial.
We use OpenGL for 3d programming. You may wondering what is OpenGL. OpenGL is software interface for graphics hardware in other word we can say it is language translator so that we can use only one language for different graphics hardware. OpenGL is hardware independent. We can draw both 3D and 2D stuff. For 2D their are better libraries like SDL ,Allegro. We use OpenGL basically for 3D stuff.
I use GLFW library and code::blocks IDE. You may confused reading OpenGL and using GLFW library, what does GLFW means? The creation of a window to render stuff in is not covered in the OpenGL specification. This is handled by platform-specific APIs. GLFW is one of this  APIs. It is a crossplatform windowing and keyboard/mouse/joystick handler. Contrary to GLUT, this is more aimed for creating games. Supports Windows, Mac OS X and Unix-like systems such as Linux and FreeBSD.
You don’t have code::blocks IDE then download it form Here .There are two options of download so, choose codeblocks-10.05mingw-setup.exe file in which MinGW compiler is already install. Then you need to setup the GLFW library in code::blocks. Follow my previous article Setup GLFW Project for setup.
Now you are ready for OpenGL 3d programming..
Goto tutorial 2 Drawing Basic Shape

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