Monday, August 26, 2013

Basic GLFW Tutorials with C++

GLFW (OpenGL FrameWork) is open source library to create OpenGL Window and multi-platform  too. Very easy to manage OpenGL context and event with GLFW. It is specially suitable for game development. GLFW doesn't render 3D scene for that you have to use OpenGL library function. GLFW help to create window , handle keyboard , mouse and joystick events. This tutorials is for those who are new to OpenGL and GLFW. By the end of this tutoirals series understand the basic knowledge about OpenGL and handling events with GLFW.

Tutorials 1: Setup GLFW in Code::Blocks IDE in Windows Machine

Tutorials 2:  Introduction to GLFW

Tutorials 3: Drawing Basic Shapes

Tutorials 4: Transformation: Translation, Rotation and Scalling

Tutorials 5: Texture Mapping