Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Setup wxWidget in code::block

TO create Wxwidget Project in code::block, at first you have to download the wxPack_v2.2.10.06.exe windows installer from this website   http://www.wxwidgets.org/downloads/.for windows.

Let's create Wxwidget project
step 1:
run .exe file that you have downloaded
Click next

Select on I accept an agreement

Tick on MinGW GCC 4.4.1 or you can select full installation then click next

Click next

Click next and all library file for wxwidget will be extracted in
c:\SourceCode\Libraries\wxWidgets2.8 folder as shown in above figure

step 2:
Open the code block you will see window as below and click on create new
project link

step 3:
click on wxWidgers project as shown in the image below

select wxWidgers 2.8.x and click next

Enter the project title name, give a path to save project and project file name is created by default from the project title name.
After that click next.

your choice to fill the box or you can leave blank then click next

select wxformBuilder in preferred GUI Builder and select frame based in
application type
then click next

give wxWidgets location as "c:\Sourcecode\Libraries\wxWidgets2.8" and click next.

if this window came then you just close it or you can give include and lib folder path

click finish as above image

Now select on "use wxwidgets DLL" and click next

step 4:
your project is created you can see in the workspace

built and run it you will see windows as shown in image below

now your project is successfully created you can write your own code
and compile.

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