Saturday, June 25, 2011

wxWidget sample project Puzzel source code

This is interesting game developed using wxWidget graphic library and c++ programming language compiled in gcc compiler with code::blocks IDE. You can download the complete project.At first to run this project you have to setup the wxWidget graphics library in code::blocks. All the instruction for wxWidget setup is given in this article setup wxWidget .You can make this game as your college mini projects.wxWidget is very old and popular GUI graphics library and knowledge of its is very important for student. Other GUI like windows form where you can drag and drops the control directly which make designing easy but we can't understand the actual programming so by using wiWidget we can understand complete GUI design and add the method for event handling.GUI of  Code::Blocks IDE which we use is also design in wxWidget. In this program wxWidget library is used to make a game rather than for GUI.
you can  download sourcecode here all the image file required for the project is also provide.This game is built in code::blocks IDE using C++ with wxWidget library.

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